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February 13, 2024 (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Europe/London)

![](file-guid:527fe9fc-17fb-4825-bc4d-20098c443511 "Councils deep dive sessions (3).jpg") This is the second of 2 webinars where we will take more time to delve into a common roll for Transition Groups - Working with Councils.\ \ Working with Councils series - Deep Dive with Frances Northrop. Tuesday 13 February 7-9pm. Join Frances Northrop, Associate Fellow at the New Economics Foundation, a director of Totnes Community Development Society and trustee of Annetta’s Trust, will help us explore how to bring about change through different means: campaigning, policy, practice and culture. Here’s ore from Frances: “Councils come in very many shapes, forms and varieties. Unitary, town, parish, county and district - up to combined authorities. Different geographies do not have a uniform pattern of representation, and the political make up of the council often dictates how they react to outside influence. This is often in ways you may not expect as the vagaries of power holders, whatever their political stripes often dictate how they respond. When you add in the influence of Council Officers into the mix and the severe impacts of austerity over the past 13 years this makes for a heady mix of factors to consider when engaging with councils. This webinar will guide you through the power dynamics of councils, some tactics for influencing and how engagement with people in communities can lead to effective campaigns which result in meaningful change.” Looking forward to seeing you there!\ \ On the night, click this link to join, just before 7pm: [](


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