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January 27, 2024 (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Europe/London)

![](file-guid:18652e8d-98bb-43d6-afcd-87f4f36f350b "Hub event graphic (1).png") Come join us as we present the proposal for launching a Hub to support Transition Groups in Wales and England! After researching and developing ideas, in conversation with many of you, we now have a proposal to share and hear your feedback as we look forward to recruiting 3 Hub Coordinators later in 2024. This will be a workshop, with some pre-reading, so come along with your sleeves rolled up!\ \ ESSENTIAL pre-reading: Follow this [LINK]( "LINK") to the blog telling the story of the work, includes links to the proposal and to googleform feedback questions. In the workshop, we’ll be asking: - What risks do you see? - What opportunities do you see? - Where do you see the Hub in 10 years time? If you can, do share with your groups in January to get wider feedback.\ \ **To join on the day,** simply click this link just before 10am: []( Don’t delay, tick the “going” response now.\ \ _We’re aware that not everyone can give time freely and that there will be some work leading up to the workshop in terms of pre-reading. To address this, we are offering financial support from a limited budget for those who need it. Please contact us_ [here]( _to arrange in confidence._


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