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December 13, 2023 (7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Europe/London)

Here’s the zoom link for this event: [Zoom link](! How can Transition groups get more people excited about getting involved in our activities, projects and groups? Join us to explore at our latest Transition skillshare. Really excited to share our four speakers for this event, who will will share how they've reached out, forged new connections and created new invitations and ways into their groups, projects and the work of community-led change. - Katie Janota of Transition Bath, who has doubled the number of volunteers supporting the group since May 2023 - Chris Hopkins from Sustainable Tring, which organised People’s Assemblies to listen to what the community wanted and to invite people to build it together - Pippa Jones of Transition Wilmslow will share how they’ve brought people in around shared interests and through community events - And Daniel Balla, of Coexist will tell us about Bristol Commons, how they are fostering a network of individuals, communities and organisations to build community power. There is no need to book to attend this workshop - but if you indicate you are attending here, we’ll be able to remind you closer to the time that it’s on! This is the [Zoom link]( to join the meeting at the time. ![](file-guid:0900a634-b36d-4012-aed2-42e3824a19c2 "Get more people involved.png") Transition Skillshares are informal spaces to explore and share skills and experience on a particular theme. Look out for our monthly sessions (as voted for by Transitioners on Vive!) during autumn 2023. Catch up with previous sessions on our Youtube channel at [](