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October 23, 2023 (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Europe/London)

\ ![Hub event graphic.png](file-guid:0e3e80e2-ff2e-4119-9b09-009f493d8535 "Hub event graphic.png") For over a year, we have been working with Transitioners in the UK and from around the world to explore the question - What if we had a Hub to support Transition activity in England and Wales? A hub to nurture connections, listen for needs and blocks that could be released if we had space to learn from each other, look for patterns of support that would work and help us feel tangibly part of a bigger picture. And be super useful to our Transition activity from Durham to St Agnes, Norwich to Liverpool. It takes many diverse voices to create resilience. We now have a proposal for a Hub to show you and hear your feedback, this webinar will be an opportunity to share and listen to your feedback as we look to launch the Hub in 2024. Facilitators: Richard Couldrey & tbc ![](file-guid:027f0fa7-f216-436d-839e-4268e5cdbe36 "IMG_20230629_144547-2.jpg") Image shows the fantastic [Co-Production Oracle by Hannah Mumby]( in collaboration with the University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute - we used these to help us navigate the inter-relationships and complexities of Transition in England and Wales by placing the cards that registered more strongly in the centre and placing related cards next to each other. Enlightenment and The Unknown felt most central!

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